Spring Semester 2021

14 Week Semester

The Music Tree will be closing its doors at the end of the Spring 2021 semester.

We are not enrolling new students at this time.

If you are looking for a music instructor, please visit our Faculty page

Feel free to contact one of our Instructors to discuss enrolling in their private studio

30 Min Lessons

Payment Options

2 equal payments of  $250

4 equal payments of  $125



45 Min Lessons

Payment Options

2 equal payments of  $375

4 equal payments of  $187.50



Hour Lessons

Payment Options

2 equal payments of  $500

4 equal payments of  $250



Studio Policies


Tuition covers 14 regularly scheduled lessons in the spring and fall semesters. Tuition covers an 8-week session during the SUMMER.

Tuition may be paid in full, in 2 equal parts, or in 4 equal parts during SPRING AND FALL. Summer tuition may be made in 2 parts. Payments may be made in full, through monthly auto-withdrawal payments, or through a series of post-dated checks.

Students cannot begin lessons without a first tuition payment

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions or a need to make arrangements that differ from these options. The changes in this policy will ensure that tuition payments are set, one way or the other, at the beginning of the semester. I do have, and will continue to have, alternative payment options for several of our families, and remain open to making sure you have an option that works for your family budget. Dr. Thais Perkins Cell - (225) 276-1675
Home - (225) 658-8526 musictreeprep@gmail.com

Missed Lessons and Makeup Lessons

Placement on a teacher’s schedule is a reservation of time for the semester. Tuition is payment for that reserved time each week. Missed lessons do not affect tuition. Each faculty member has their own studio makeup policy; please ask your teacher for a copy.


All scheduling, including the scheduling of makeup lessons, will take place between teacher and parent/student. If the student will be late for a lesson, please contact the office (654-1271); when the student arrives, the teacher will see the student for the remaining time. Teachers cannot adjust their schedules to make up for a late arrival.


Daily practice is expected of each music student. Please make sure the student has practice as part of their daily schedule, and the privacy to concentrate during practice time. Arriving for a lesson unprepared is difficult for both the student and the teacher. Please have a conversation with your child’s teacher about their expectations. We want all of our students to feel the success that comes with practice.

Drop Off and Pick Up

Students should be dropped off and picked up promptly. Students are welcome to arrive early in order to warm up and/or tune their instruments. Parents of older students are welcome to leave the student at the school during lesson times. Please do not leave siblings of students in our care while the lesson is taking place. Please make sure you are at the Music Tree to pick up your student after the lesson.

School Etiquette

We pride ourselves in providing a welcoming and safe environment for students and families. The Music Tree Prep School is a place of business, however, and lessons are taking place in studios throughout the building. Please be aware that excessive noise and activity by groups of students in the kitchen waiting area can be disruptive to lessons being taught. We ask that you step in if your child is involved in activities that can be heard throughout the building! Absolutely NO food or drink is allowed outside of the kitchen area. No exceptions.

Studio Etiquette

Students are responsible for bringing all materials to the lesson each week. Please help your student form the habit of gathering music lesson materials the night before their lesson, packing them with their school books or putting them in the car. Use of cell phones is not allowed during the lesson. Please make sure the student washes their hands before the lesson, and that fingernails are groomed appropriately.


If the student is sick, please do not send them to their lesson! Teachers and students work in very close proximity during the music lesson, and the teacher is likely to contract the illness as well. A sick student puts every other person in the building at risk. Please give us a call to let us know the student is ill, and request a makeup lesson.

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